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Grants Development and Research Coordinator @ The Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit

JOB LOCATION: CSIU Main Office - Milton, PA 
ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIP: This position reports directly to the Chief Outreach Officer. 
JOB DEFINITION: This position is responsible for researching, planning, and developing grant applications and other opportunities for federal, state, local, foundation, and corporate funding for all CSIU program areas. This position works in partnership with school districts, universities, non-profit organizations, and other entities to research, develop, and coordinate funding applications to address the educational needs of students and families in the CSIU region and beyond. 
  1. Lead a cross-systems grant and fund development team that increases the capacity to successfully attain funding. At a minimum:
  2. Consult with senior leaders on CSIU strategic plan and divisional needs.
  3. Monitor federal, state, local, foundation, and corporate funding opportunities; work collaboratively with program managers to identify opportunities.
  4. Review funding opportunities for eligibility and timeliness.
  5. Facilitate decision-making using established criteria to determine Return on Investment when pursuing funding opportunities. 
  6. Maintain a CSIU grant and fund development process that includes documents and resources that facilitate submissions of applications.
  7. Develop a grant management/fund development system using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or other system.
  8. Promote and nurture an entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial culture.
  9. Coordinate CSIU grant and fund development and ensure positive representation of the CSIU.
  10. Review and adhere to application guidelines.
  11. Research content and program design.
  12. Assign tasks and establish deadlines for timely submission.
  13. Connect programs within and outside the CSIU to strengthen application.
  14. Identify and work with partners directly or through grant and fund development teams.
  15. Write and edit program narratives and budget narratives; solicit feedback from grant and fund development team and revise as needed.
  16. Develop budgets in coordination with the Business Office and program staff.
  17. Obtain required signatures, requested documentation, and appendix materials.
  18. Submit applications within deadlines, often under pressure.
  19. Develop, or assist in development of, Memorandums of Understanding or Letters of Agreement that provide a fee for service.
  20. Assist CSIU staff who are submitting a grant/fund application by ensuring requirements are met and the application best represents CSIU.
  21. Seek funding through CSIU-associated 501(c)(3) entities as appropriate.
  22. Assist lead fiscal and management agents in submission of a grant application that includes CSIU as a partner.
  23. Provide technical assistance to districts and nonpublic schools on their local, state, and federal funding applications.
  24. Facilitate transition from grant/fund application to program implementation.
  25. Guide and consult with program managers unfamiliar with grant implementation to ensure performance measures met and funds expended on a timely basis.
  26. Track grant and fund development activity and provide quarterly and annual reports to the senior leadership team identifying program and fiscal status.
  27. Be a liaison with internal and external staff including:
  28. Develop and maintain a collaborative approach with fund development personnel at the Center for Schools & Communities.
  29. Attend regional, state, and national training and professional development events as well as relevant stakeholder meetings.
  30. Participate in CSIU division management team meetings as requested.
  31. Establish relationships with external grant making and fund development groups.
  32. Represent the CSIU at professional meetings and events.
  33. Maintain professional skills by:
  34. Becoming a member, and maintaining membership in, the Grant Professional Association or other grant professional organization.
  35. Becoming a Grant Professional Certified (GPC) within three to five years of CSIU employment unless waived by the Chief Outreach Officer based on experience and results.
  36. Maintaining proficiency in the use of appropriate technology to carry out assigned duties efficiently.
  37. Remaining current in effective educational practices and services.
  38. Perform other related duties, as assigned.
  1. Assist with special projects as requested.
  2. Other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor or designee.
  • Minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Three (3) years related knowledge and experience in effective program development/ implementation; and a successful history of grant writing and acquisition required.
  • Knowledge and/or experience in research, databases, and evaluation methodologies preferred.
  • Excellent critical, analytical, and strategic thinking skills.
  • Ability to conceptualize and design programs and services in order to respond to grants and other funding opportunities.
  • Meticulous attention to grant requirements.
  • Excellent persuasive writing skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills, including presentation skills and public speaking experience.
  • Excellent research skills.
  • Experience in Microsoft Office programs (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Google Suite required.
  • Social media skills including, but not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram desired; video conferencing skills (e.g., Zoom, MS Meetings, etc.) desired.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills to prioritize the task based on project deadlines. And must be able to type accurately and maintain a high level of productivity.
  • Ability to learn from rejection.
  • Strong ability to work and communicate positively with a large team whose members may change with each new funding opportunity and include staff, partners, and clients.
  • Requires the ability to develop and maintain positive and collaborative relationships using tact and diplomacy and to remain calm in unpredictable situations.
  • Ability to use keyboards, monitors, and computers without assistance.
  • Ability to operate computer systems and general office equipment in sitting position for long periods of time.
  • Ability to use a telephone without assistance.
  • Ability to lift boxes and moving materials for meetings/conferences up to 25 lbs.
  • Ability to travel to a variety of work locations.
Attend all required meetings, and training(s) to maintain accurate and current knowledge and skill sets related to programming.
Attend relevant conferences, trainings, and in-services to maintain and enhance professional development as recommended by the immediate supervisor or required of the position.
  • Current, approved Act 34 (PA State Police), Act 151 (PA Child Abuse Registry) and Act 114-FBI Fingerprint clearances are required and must be renewed at appropriate, specific intervals pursuant to Act 153 of 2014 (revised Act 15 of 2015).
  • Current, approved Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training certificate showing completion of a minimum of three (3) hours training every five (5) years.
  • This is a full-time, exempt position following a 12-month, 260-day schedule.
  • Overnight travel for site visits, meetings, and conferences required.
  • Attendance at work is a requirement of this position; any and all absences must be approved by the immediate supervisor.
  • This position is eligible, with approval from the immediate supervisor, for a remote or hybrid work environment.
  1. All property, including intellectual property, materials, equipment or actual products and services developed or accrued as part of the job duties and responsibilities listed above, is the property of the CSIU. It may not be used for personal profit or gain and will be relinquished to the CSIU upon termination of employment from the CSIU.
  2. The person employed in this position shall maintain confidentiality with regard to the personal and private information about clients and coworkers, programs and services and any other proprietary information accrued as a result of CSIU employment or as required by state or federal laws and regulations.
  3. The person employed in this position must adhere to all requirements identified in the code of professionalism entitled "Ambassadors Are Professionals, Too" and CSIU Administrative Regulation 317-AR-1 CSIU Service Standards.
The position holder must be able to perform the essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodation. It is the responsibility of the employee to inform their supervisor and the Director of Human Resources of any and all reasonable accommodations that will be required.